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Single Review: Detox – ‘Supersonic’

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She may be best known as a part of musical groups, such as Tranzkuntinental or the now defunct DWV with Willam Belli and Vicky Vox, but Detox is a powerful force all of her own. Whether it’s as a fixture of the Californian drag scene or as she’s slaying the runway on her second appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, there’s no denying that she’s got the charisma to carry herself just fine. Now, with the release of Supersonic, her music career is following a similar path.

Detox SupersonicThere isn’t much to the production of Supersonic, but what’s there does an amazing job of grabbing your attention. The verses are a simple combination of beats and a solid bassline, placing the focus on Detox’s own vocals, slowly building its melody up as it moves towards the chorus. The sparkling synths and cutting riffs that chime in truly sell the song, never going overboard with the production and keeping things just as simple as they need to be to make it work. It’s a simple song, looping between these segments before closing, but there’s more than enough melody and hook to sell it, especially with Detox’s natural charisma thrown on top.

It’s the perfect synthpop track for Detox to debut solo with, taking a much more serious spin than her songs with DWV and allowing her to create exactly the image she wants with the sound that suits her voice and lyrics best. It may not be the most over the top drag queen song you’ve ever heard in your life, but who said they had to be crazy as well as charismatic?