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Single Review: Deadmau5 – ‘Seeya’

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Electronic/house is a huge genre in today’s modern music industry, and we have seen countless DJ’s rise to fame over the last few years; David Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris just to name a few of the most played. Then there’s Joel Zimmerman, but the world knows him better as Deadmau5; the electronic music producer who performs wearing some pretty neat mouse head gear. There is something unique about the way Deadmau5 makes his music, and his latest single Seeya continues this uniqueness; the single is the second to be released from his upcoming album, While (1>2).

Deadmau5 - 'Seeya'Seeya begins as this fat and funky bass driven piece of machinery; when Colleen D’Agostino’s sweet and dynamic vocal kicks in, it turns the song up a notch. The beat gives way for Colleen to begin belting out that chorus, before returning to carry it out. That’s how it remains however, as diverse as it may comes across compared to other songs of the same electronic style, it doesn’t diversify from itself; that’s the sole disappointment experienced when listening to the track, after a few times you notice it doesn’t explore its potential territory.

Seeya is a catchy song, some love from Deadmau5 has without a doubt gone into it; it’s radio friendly, club friendly, it’s just friendly. The song just didn’t seem to escalate, it seemed to shy away from climax, which is a shame as more could have been done with it to shake up the atmosphere a little. Take what you take from it, it’s a good song to bop along to if you’re in the mood.