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Single Review: David Gilmour – ‘Rattle That Lock’

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Société nationale des chemins de fer français or The National Society of French Railways may seem like a peculiar place to gain inspiration for a song, but that’s exactly what David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has gone and done.

David Gilmour Rattle That LockRattle That Lock was inspired musically by the sound that’s played on French railway stations before they make an announcement,” he stated. “It’s a jingle, a four-note jingle that’s played, and every time I heard it it’d make me want to start dancing.” Its not the first time a European train announcement jingle has found its way onto an album with Paul Kalkbrenner sampling Berlin’s S-Bahn in the aptly named Train from the Berlin Calling album. 

In my opinion Gilmour is one of the greatest guitarists ever. His hammer-ons, pull-offs and bends are second to none, and his guitar solo on Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is one of my all time favorites (second only to Jimi’s All Along The Watchtower). Rattle That Lock contains all you would expect from the Pink Floyd guitarist, but in a soulful and uptempo track. It also features Gilmour’s trademark almost-raspy vocals being countered by an angelic choir, and indeed – the unique SNCF sample that he recorded on his phone himself.

If the rest of the tracks on the album are nearly as good as Rattle That Lock – we are in for a treat.