Tue. May 28th, 2024

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Single Review: Daniel Johns – ‘Aerial Love’

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Daniel Johns is back! However; after listening to his latest track Aerial Love you’ll have to take a few minutes to ask yourself is this really the same guy that brought us rock anthems like Tomorrow and Freak?. After a while you’ll realise that yes this is in fact the same Daniel Johns which isn’t a bad thing, its just different, a curve ball from this musical chameleon. The ex-Silverchair frontman is known for his alternativeness however; Aerial Love is definitely his most diverse work to date.

Aerial Love - Daniel JohnsThe track is John’s debut single under his own name and is like nothing you have heard from him before, I mean like a complete different universe compared to his previous work. Teaming up with Lorde and Broods collaborator Joel Little the two have created a synthetic but sensual piece of electropop that is sure to be a hit with the ladies but that’s not to say the men won’t enjoy it either.

Shooting off some Frank Ocean vibes John’s brings out some dazzling harmonies over a slow pulsating beat which creates a voluptuous atmosphere for the listener. Aerial Love is the title track for John’s upcoming four track EP whilst his debut solo album is also expected to drop sometime later in the year (we can’t wait!). As I mentioned before this is definitely John’s most diverse work to date and while its not the Daniel John’s we are used to it is certainly one we want to hear more of.