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Single Review: Dami Im – ‘Smile’

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Dami Im, the latest Australian gem of the music industry, has been emulating success with several top hits and even a top-charting album. In her latest single, she takes on the throwback doo-wop 1950s style that has made Meghan Trainor such a worldwide success. The track has a fuller sound, unlike Trainor’s throwback style which was so bland and empty. The song begins with a brass call and response interplay with an electric guitar. Im’s vocals are pure perfection as always and the harmony variations are a pure delight to listen to, however they don’t sound particularly complex or difficult.

Dami Im SmileThe track just doesn’t build to anything awe-inspiring. I think immersing the electro elements just collides with the throwback style Im is trying to explore. The lyrics are uninspired and simplistic, however in terms of their repetitive nature the track is sure to get radio plays. I feel as though Dami Im can do so much better than a silly song that works off the success of Trainor. Her vocals are some of the best in the business and this track barely showcases a shred of her talent. Smile is disappointing because while it is a feel good song, it simply doesn’t have the memorable quality that the great throwback track Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars has. Smile doesn’t bring a fresh twist on the style and doesn’t take the genre to its full potential. I really hope Im backs away from this genre and starts to build her way back to some great music.

1 thought on “Single Review: Dami Im – ‘Smile’

  1. You Guys don’t get it, when Dami sang bridge over troubled water on xfactor, Redfoo commented that Dami could of done something more with the song and most or all did not agree with him, Not all songs have to be big songs or have a crishengo at the end, you jut don’t get it, Dami was singing a song that she titled Smile, and it does what it meant to do, you cant help but feel good and happy when you hear it, so don’t expect that all songs have to be like many of her earlier songs, don’t try and put her in a box where you want to her to be. Dami should be commended on this song, she has gone where few fear to tread, so lighten up and enjoy the song for what it was meant to do to make you smile. Who cares and Dami im does not care where it is on the charts, just so it does what it is meant to do.

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