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Single Review: Craig David – ‘One More Time’

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Craig David’s upcoming album has been a long-running process; while he’s appeared in collaborative singles with other artists, culminating in his own latest release When the Bassline Drops with Big Narstie and his appearance on Nothing Like This with Blonde, solo material from David hadn’t appeared for a few years. In fact, his latest single One More Time marks his first solo single in around six years, and continues his return to his UK Garage roots.

Craig David One More TimeOne More Time features a solid, frantic dance beat throughout, accentuating its simpler verses with acoustic guitar and its build-up into the chorus with the use of synthesised strings, before launching into a deep garage beat for the actual chorus. Whether singing or rapping, David still sounds at home alongside the track, hearkening back to the earliest stages of the 2000’s in sound and style yet still sounding current enough to get away with it. The song is much simpler and straightforward than When the Bassline Drops, which featured some additional twists in its production in terms of structure, but also feels stronger for it as it features nothing but David back in his zone.

As the latest step in Craig David’s proper return to the music scene, One More Time does a great job of building up to the eventual album. It’s a simple yet effective UK-style dance track that shows David in his element, mixing his classic style with modern production techniques to make something that undeniably fits his style and feels infectious and repeatable. It’s safe to say that Craig David’s on the right track stylistically.