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Single Review: Conchita Wurst – ‘You Are Unstoppable’

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Proving that there’s no point in doing anything in halves, Conchita’s new single You Are Unstoppable is a ludicrously enjoyable, completely overblown pop wonder. Although being the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is undoubtedly a tag that will haunt the singer for the rest of her life, it would be foolish at this point to pigeonhole her as a one hit wonder. There’s a lot of mileage in baroque pop this intense, and this good.

Conchita - You Are UnstoppableIn terms of the melody, You Are Unstoppable breaks no real new ground. What really takes this track to another level is the incredible instrumentation. By crafting the single as a string-heavy tune, Conchita and co. have managed to take what could easily be a forgettable pop number and have transformed it into a melodramatic, deliciously overwrought force of nature. There is nothing subtle about the song whatsoever, but subtlety would only dampen the experience.

The ‘you vs. the world’ subject matter might have been done to death too, not least by Lady Gaga, who Conchita evokes in a ‘bad romance’ reference, but once again, the fact that this is ground that has been covered before ceases to matter as soon as those strings kick in and Conchita’s vocals begin to climb up the register.

There is nothing bashful or shy about Conchita. She is a defiantly unafraid singer: unafraid not only to present music so in your face it becomes almost dizzying, but unafraid to present herself honestly, and without restrictions. This is the kind of pop we need more of, desperately.