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Single Review: Coldplay – ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’

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Brit super group Coldplay have been making waves recently in the last couple of months leading up to the release of their new album, Ghost Stories, due out later this month. Following the success of previous dreamscape single Midnight and leading mellow single Magic, the band have released single number three, A Sky Full Of Stars. The guys definitely turned the pop up a notch.

ColdPlay-ASkyFullOfStarsThe new single is more upbeat than its predecessors, driven by a lively piano, synths and Chris Martin’s distinguishable voice; the track somewhat demonstrates a slightly more modern take on what Coldplay are about. A Sky Full Of Stars simultaneously manages to nail the band’s signature sound and gets that sound up to speed with what we often hear on the radio; it can be compared to a producer/singer collaboration, and we say this because the band worked with Avicii, among various other producers, when recording the track. Without a doubt there will be a debate between fans of Coldplay about how the direction the band headed in with this track caused them to ‘sell out’ or taint the signature sound they fell in love with, but this track seems to do Coldplay a decent favour.

A Sky Full Of Stars is a worthy single for the band, probably more worthy as the leading single; sure Magic does some great things for the band’s sound and Midnight showed something a little more out of the Coldplay genre, but the new single is a tad more unforgettable. As a group that have shown a huge amount of success with album and single releases, you could say that Coldplay  don’t really need help getting a great song out there; however, the only alarming note regarding this track was the amount of producers credited (five including the band itself), but the track goes places and is definitely a plus from Ghost Stories so far.