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Single Review: Christina Perri – ‘Human’

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With her second studio album under way, Christina Perri teases us with her newest single Human. The tattoo-clad Philadelphian is famously known for her hit Jar Of Hearts, gaining most of it’s success as it featured on the tv show So You Think You Can Dance. Soon enough the Perri released her debut album lovestrong through Atlantic Records in 2011.

ChristinaPerriHumanThere isn’t that much information on the American singer/songwriter latest studio album. It’s predicted to be released around spring 2014, but no official dates have been confirmed. Perri on the other hand is happily keeping fans updated on her twitter account, frequently mentioning working on her second release.

The only hint or clue we have on how her newest album will turn out is it’s first single Human. While it’s currently without an accompanying music video, the new track is sure to please both old and new listeners. Known for her strong and bold voice and words straight from the heart, Human follows through to the Perri style.

A subtle accompaniment of piano and drums plays with the vivid vocals in the opening verse. As the song progresses the atmosphere is built up as the string section soars through. As the chorus first appears a fleeting feeling is created as all instruments disappear with Perri’s voice flying solo.

Her lyrics are as heart-felt as ever. The title beautifully sums up the theme of the song. We are all human, with our own strengths and downfalls, and the reality of being pushed to our boundaries is sung elegantly.

From Breaking Dawn to Jason Mraz, Perri’s work has shown to have big potential. With all fingers and toes crossed, her fans (and I) eagerly await the release of her new album next year.