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Single Review: Chrissie Hynde – ‘You Or No One’

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With a rich history of music firmly in her personal scrapbook, from standing in as the only constant member of The Pretenders to collaborating with big names such as Frank Sinatra and Sheryl Crow, it should no longer come as a shock when a catchy, well sung song made by the hands of Chrissie Hynde hits the airwaves. With a place in Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame already cemented long ago and just about everything one would imagine could be accomplished in a career already under her belt, a new piece of music by any legendary musician usually comes out only because of a creative itch that just cannot be ignored. Though she has accomplished many things during her years of prominence, to ignore that very thing, the passion for turning an idea or a feeling into something more meaningful that can be shared to the world, is something we’d all be stupid to forget.

ChrissieHynde-YouOrNoOneWith a solo album set to be released in the next few months, You or No One gives us a first taste of what to expect from the rest of her hard work to be made available in the near future. With the powerful voice and rhythm that would not find itself a stranger within a country song but with music that very much different from that genre, You or No One definitely keeps the attention of the listener from beginning to end. In terms of the song from a contextual standpoint, the lyrics and general theme of the song are ones that pretty much every person who hasn’t lived under a rock has heard many, many times. That said, the song makes no attempts at reinventing the wheel and simply feels like that raw emotion of longing being described by yet another voice, one that definitely does the content justice in singing them. Overall, the song is one that is catchy but also one that fails to really meet expectations from a creative level from a musician that we’ve all come to expect much more from over the years.