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Single Review: Chris Brown & Tyga – ‘Ayo’

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Chris Brown and Tyga have reunited once again with their latest track Ayo which will appear on their upcoming collaborative mixtape Fan Of A Fan 2. The two artists combined back in 2010 to bring us their first mixtape Fan Of A Fan, now five years later the pair are back at it with what some are labelling (definitely not me) their ‘highly anticipated’ sequel. Fan Of A Fan 2 is expected to drop later in the year with Chris Brown stating that ‘there will probably be about 15 tracks with a lot of it just vibing and us having fun with the party life and how we do’ I’m sure it’s going to be riveting.

Ayo - Chris Brown & TygaSo lets talk about Ayo, the new single features an incredibly predictable beat from Los Angeles producer Nic Nac along with some incredibly cheesy and predictable lyrics from both Brown and Tyga ‘I got an engine for a trunk space/I get money three ways/fucking bitches three ways/looking in the mirror like I wish I could be me/She too into me, I’m more into money’ surprise surprise they’re talking about money, cars and bitches (how original). Now a lot of people may think I’m being to harsh but like I’ve said before music is all about opinions and my opinion is that this song is horrible, I mean come on all their songs sound the same with the same cringe worthy lyrics about how much they love money and how many cars they own. Fair enough if you have one or two tracks like this but every time I hear a track from either one of these guys it’s the same old bullshit, I don’t care about how much money you have or how many cars you own or how many bitches you slept with, this is not music!

In saying that though I’m sure Ayo will get plenty of radio play because let’s face it the radio likes to play commercial garbage which is why I stopped listening to it a long time ago. Check out the song for yourself and make up your own mind however; in my opinion its a complete waste of time.