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Single Review: Caotico – ‘Bad Heart’

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Since releasing their debut album Sunrise Confessions in 2012, Swedish electro-pop duo Caotico have been consistently gifting us with impeccably composed hooks that stay in our heads long after leaving the club. From the brothers (Joel and Erik Dunkels) who brought us the debauched catchiness of F*** My Brains Out, as well as the mischievous desires detailed in Rich Kids, comes Bad Heart.

Caotico Bad HeartCaotico’s latest single, from their upcoming Bad Heart EP, perpetuates the duo’s image as troublemakers suggested even in their name, Italian for chaotic or messy. Bad Heart is most definitely a dance floor anthem awash with the bright, shimmering production characteristic of Scandinavian pop. Along with its liveliness, the track reveals its broody undercurrents appropriate for a country that’s cloaked in darkness for much of the year, singing lyrics that are at once dark and cheeky: I’ve got a bad heart / even though you think I’m good.

Joel and Erik Dunkels were absolutely those boys from school that would constantly act up in the back of class, or try to dack as many of their mates in the schoolyard as possible. Their music and lyrics have a sort of refreshingly cheerful nonchalance about them that, when paired with the edgier sense of drama about their production, sets Caotico apart from other dance floor fillers.