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Single Review: Britney Spears – ‘Make Me…’ (Feat. G-Eazy)

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Following the somewhat underwhelming performance of her 2013 album Britney Jean, we’ve been left wondering where Britney Spears would take her career next. Her successful Las Vegas residency has taken the front seat for the past few years, and a few collaborations is all we’ve received in terms of new material, leaving everyone in the dark. Make Me… marks the end of the radio silence as she finally prepares to release her ninth album, and while it’s not the highest impact comeback she’s ever made, it’s still a promising one.

Britney Spears G-Eazy Make MeRather than releasing another upbeat banger as her comeback track, as she’s done for her most recent albums with the likes of Work Bitch and Hold It Against Me, Make Me… is a much more subdued fare. Its verses are sparse, with a simple guitar riff and echoing synths looping over a subtle beat before breaking into a wall of synths for its chorus; in terms of R&B-inspired pop songs, it’s nothing revolutionary, but works well with Spears’ voice and feels very much in line with her style, unlike Pretty Girls, her all but forgotten single with Iggy Azalea last year. While it fits the R&B vibe, the feature from rapper G-Eazy feels largely unnecessary, and is the song’s main flaw. His rapping isn’t bad, though it detracts from a song that benefits more from Britney’s slow, sensual singing than it does from the speed and abrasiveness of G-Eazy’s verse.

Aside from being a little too simple for its own good and featuring a decent yet unnecessary rap verse, however, Make Me… is a solid return for Britney. It falters in comparison to the likes of Work Bitch and Womanizer, but sets a promising tone for the eventual album; with a return to R&B and her Blackout style being promised and then revoked before the release of Britney Jean, any chance to experience what we missed out on is much appreciated. It’s a slow burn to a new album, but Make Me… still shows promise for whatever Britney has to offer us next.