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Single Review: Breach – ‘The Key’ (feat. Kelis)

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UK producer Breach has teamed up with American singer/songwriter Kelis for his latest funky release titled The Key. Back in September the pair were making some noise after Breach provided a remix of Kelis’ smash hit Rumble. Now the singer/songwriter has returned the favour by appearing on The Key which is basically just a re-tweaking of Breach’s remix of Rumble (a bit confusing I know).

The Key - Breach ft KelisThere’s not much that Breach can do wrong at the moment, almost every track that the talented producer releases has become a hit and I think The Key will follow in the same footsteps. The track’s groovy beat is almost certain to become a dance floor favourite so don’t be surprised if you here this blasting out of the speakers next time you’re in the club.

Kelis provides the perfect vocals for this track, her soft and soothing voice combine with the early 90’s dance vibes to create an enjoyable throwback song that is sure to get people up and dancing. The only problem I have with this track is that it sounds almost identical to Breach’s remix of Kelis’ single Rumble. I don’t really understand why Breach would release a song that sounds almost exactly the same as a remix he did only three months ago but I guess that’s why he’s a professional producer and I am not.

Nonetheless it’s a great track that is sure to receive mainstream success and rightfully so, Breach and Kelis show us again why they are a perfect combination.