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Single Review: Beyonce – ‘Pretty Hurts’

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If there is one person in the music industry that one can center on as being the driving force in empowering women along with setting a positive example for them, it would be Beyonce. Among the many hits off of her self-titled fifth studio album, Pretty Hurts not only resonates as a great song but as a powerful message to women everywhere about their self-perception and negative rumination.

Beyonce Pretty HurtsOn the whole as a species, we are prone to bringing to the forefront the flaws that we see within ourselves and more times than not, blowing them out of proportion. With the airbrush era of beauty firmly grasping the world around us, body image, especially for women due to the ridiculous standards and norms in place, has become nothing short of a silence epidemic. As such, Pretty Hurts is not only a song but in many ways a powerful message to women everywhere about the grand scheme of things in life.

Put together with relatable, strong words that both sexes can relate to, whether it be touching on dieting, flaw hunting, inner demons or any other unhealthy behavior many of us have put ourselves through at one point or another, Pretty Hurts really comes out as almost a hymn of sorts against these very issues. Overall, the quality of the song is everything we’ve come to expect from the ultra-talented advocate.