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Single Review: Basic Vacation – ‘I Believe’

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While their band name may lack substance,  Basic Vacation’s debut single I Believe is a welcome reprieve from the current pop music stylings heard on the radio today.

Basic-Vacation-I-BelieveBased between New York and Philadelphia, Basic Vacation has accomplished something many bands attempt and subsequently fail at. They have created a perfectly catchy pop song that will fit in nicely on any radio station. Yet, they’ve also maintained enough of an alternative edge to still be deemed a “cool young indie band.”

The song itself is short and sweet. It doesn’t rely on any gimmicks, flourishes or trends. Instead, Basic Vacation has relied on strong songwriting and simple, yet effective, musicality. While the studio version of this song sounds great, I can already hear that chorus being sung by thousands of fans in concert. It’s the epitome of anthemic; I Believe builds to a euphoric proportions and keeps the listener captivated for the tracks entire three and a half minutes. A sure sign of a successful pop song; hopefully the rest of the world will agree and Basic Vacation can find themselves at the top of the charts in no time.

Sure, songs like this have been made before, and it is reminiscent of the pop/punk craze that swept the world just a few years ago. But, I Believe possesses enough originality and spirit for it to be deemed a stellar track. Considering this is the young band’s very first single, it’s safe to say big things can be expected from the group in the near future.