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Single Review: Axwell Ingrosso – ‘Something New’

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Two years ago, EDM supergroup Swedish House Mafia performed in Australia as part of their farewell tour and I was beside myself. I bought tickets early, tweeted my heart out and teased the poor folk that missed out. My bestie and I got all dressed up, headed into the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and approached the gates with all the confidence a ticket holder would normally approach the gates with. Upon scanning the ticket, one low, aggressive beep saw my worst fears realised. BEEP. What? BEEP. No one else had a beep like that. BEEP. Must be some mistake. BEEP. Ticket machine playing up? That damned beep. That beep was the signal that would destroy my night, test my friendship and ruin my chances to ever see SHM live again. That beep was the beep of a machine scanning a ticket meant for the PREVIOUS NIGHT. I don’t want to talk about it.

Axwell Ingrosso Something NewThis week though I have been given a consolation prize! Of sorts. News has swelled for a while that two thirds of Swedish House Mafia were back in the studio, and now they’ve just dropped their first single, Something New. Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, playing under their collaborative name Axwell ^ Ingrosso (brilliant) premiered their new hit track on BBC Radio One, with DJ Zane Lowe describing it as the “hottest record in the world.”

But the accolades don’t stop there. The boys have landed the coveted spot on the new Beats By Dre commercial starring Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and my personal favourite, Norman Reedus. As if you need anyone else when you have Norman Reedus. Speaking of, did anyone see The Walking Dead’s mid season finale? Holy Crap! But I digress…

With exposure like this the single was bound to be a cracker and Something New doesn’t disappoint. It’s a sweet and catchy dance track that eases us in to this new act, sounding gently familiar and excitingly new at the same time. An uplifting beat drives the sweet vocals, and the killer synth hook will get stuck in your head and be a staple of the summer. Be prepared for this one to be played to death on the radio, storm the singles charts and be a sure thing at every upcoming dance festival. Flawlessly produced, this track proves why Axwell and Ingrosso are kings of mainstream, progressive house music. The lyrics I see a dawn of a new beginning / This time, this time we can’t go home / I hear the streets of tomorrow calling / I go, I go where you go / Cause we belong to something new speak of a sad and necessary goodbye, and a hopeful look at what’s to come. Quite fitting don’t you think?