Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Single Review: Archie Bronson Outfit – ‘We Are Floating’

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We Are Floating, the new single from London lads the Archie Bronson Outfit, is the second release from their upcoming album, Wild Crush.

Archie Bronson Outfit We Are FloatingThose familiar with the band will recognise the bluesy, garage-rock sound present on We are Floating. For the band it’s a case of going back to where they started recording the second single and upcoming album in their hometown of Bath.

The new single is heavily influenced by sounds not traditionally synonymous with the modern crop of English rock artists. The single’s bluesy nature may be a result of previously working in Nashville, Tennessee. The sound is apparent on earlier releases and seems to be a direction in which the band continues to develop.

Drummer Arp Cleveland describes the single as “…about flux, transition, motion, potions, disappearing notions, moving, grooving, hovering, bothering; being dazed but giving praise.” As the description suggests, the song is lyrically a mystery but has a strangely melodic flow.

There is a lo-fi quality to We Are Floating that will either be loved or hated, for better or worse this is ABO’s style. The guitar riffs are simple and the musical narrative of the track doesn’t pull too many surprises. Given enough time the single does grow to become beautifully simple rather than unsophisticated, but arriving at this point may present difficulty for first time listeners.

The second single has been released alongside a music video directed by Adam Mallett. The videoclip provides psychedelic visuals to aid the flowing track.

Ultimately, We Are Floating requires patience, so fans of ABO will grow to love it for its wonderful simplicity yet energetic approach. As for new listeners, while it might not stick out as a standalone release it will definitely be a pleasing track off the upcoming record.