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Single Review: Alexandra Burke – ‘Renegade’

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One of the most successful British X Factor winners, Alexandra Burke is taking a break from her ongoing role as the lead in the West End musical adaptation of ‘The Bodyguard’ to launch her Renegade EP with the title track.

Alexandra Burke - RenegadeWith several UK Top Ten hits under her belt, Burke embarks on a radically different musical journey on this latest single. The melancholy electric guitar licks, distant military march cheers and uneasy finger snaps build up the sinister mood. Burke’s deep, smoky purr evoke a hybrid of Toni Braxton and Gabrielle. Apart from much unneeded autotune, it perfectly suits the defiant lyrics about withstanding gunfire and missiles.

Despite Burke proclaiming herself to be a ‘rebel with a cause’ and a renegade, the chorus doesn’t really show something new as it relies solely on a weak, repetitive ‘I’m a f—— renegade’ hook that sounds like a slow motion chase through nowhere. The track industrial synth-pop rock-lite, like Rihanna’s Rated R album or What Now single.

The brief bridge marks a sudden, schizophrenic change in tone, and doesn’t go well with the verses or choruses. Credit must be given to Burke, as she showcases her versatility as her soulful, natural voice returns before the chorus is reprised one last time, backed up with ferocious guitars. How is it possible that it’s the same singer on the same track?

Alexandra Burke’s comeback single may have taken a bold step outside Burke’s comfort zone. However, the repetitive chorus and odd bridge are the track”s downfall.