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Single Review: Sinéad O’Connor – Old Lady

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Old Lady is the third single to be taken from her critically acclaimed album How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?

image0022Starting with a stripped-back mellow acoustic intro, you are instantly reminded of O’Connor’s early 90s purple patch, and of course the reasons the world fell in love with her (that is her genius for composing gutsy and insightful ballads). It’s graceful, elegant, understated, and brilliantly showcases her trademark emotive vocals, then, before you know it, it shifts gear into a crashing and joyous rock song.

O’Connor’s great talent has always been her ability to write lyrics that capture the truth of human emotions, being so intensely personal, yet so ultimately relatable, and Old Lady is no exception. The real beauty lies in it’s simplicity in capturing the fundamental notion of what people want to feel when they fall in love, “Make me laugh like an idiot, not be so serious”. It’s honest, it’s universal, and it’s also pretty damn catchy.

This song is vibrant and fresh, and also firmly reestablishes O’Connor as one of the great musicians of the industry. This is a very strong return to form.

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