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Album Review: Russell Watson – Anthems – Music To Inspire A Nation

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With patriotism standing strong and proud in 2012 union jacks are sprouting up all over the place in the lead up to two prominent UK celebrations this year. No matter what you do to avoid the chaos now or when the millions from around the globe flock to the UK there will be no dodging the London 2012 Olympics. The celebration that has got all proud Brits the world over going all soft and fuzzy for is the upcoming Queens Diamond Jubilee. With an excuse to dust down the old tea sets and hang flags from house and car windows, it seems that everyone is getting into the spirit of it.

RussellWatsonAnthemsAs with any major celebration it is music that helps push us toward the moment and everyone seems to be doing their part to mark a defining Royal event and Monday sees a new release by Classical crossover superstar Russell Watson as he brings us a collection of beautifully revisisted national gems to create Anthems – Music To Inspire A Nation.

Carefully selecting the creme of the English musical crop Russell has been very picky about what makes up the track-listing to his latest project and with good reason. Anthems – Music To Inspire A Nation is a record that represents not only the best in UK musical talent but also exactly what the tagline of the record says – inspiration – and it certainly is brimming with that.

His performance of Queen’s We Are The Champions is nothing short of spectacular and the tenor hits each note on the head as the track sits over a subtle yet effective Gregorian vocal backdrop. His vocals ring out with pop precision and the cover would make any diehard Queen fan proud.

World In Union lets the belting Opera prince that we have all come to know as the People’s Tenor emerge with gusto and tear through a song which has become a staple theme song to the Rugby World Cup over many years.

A Diamond Jubilee collection would not be complete without a version of the British National Anthem, God Save The Queen and there the record ends on a truly inspiring and moving high with the singers powerful rendition of the symbolic number.

Watson does a magnificent job with each and every song on the track-listing of Anthems – Music To Inspire A Nation with a diversity that allows him to swing from pop icon to opera heavyweight and continue to carry the crown of the People’s Tenor with honor.

Anthems – Music To Inspire A Nation mixes old with new with the track-listing swinging from additions like The White Cliffs Of Dover where he performs alongside the iconic Dame Vera Lynn on a track the music veteran made famous back in 1942 and Land Of Hope And Glory to the countries more mainstream pop highlights, We Are The Champions and the gigantic Heather Smalls track Proud offering something for everyone.

There is a reason why Russell Watson is the UK best selling classical artist and that reason is contained within each of the 14 inclusions on Anthems – Music To Inspire A Nation. His voice is the best it has been in a number of years and the way he paces his way through each number, carefully coating each with the rights amount of detail and charm sets Watson apart from the rest and what a better artist to commemorate UK musicianship in time of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

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