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Robbie Williams Entertains The Press Ahead Of Australian Tour

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Earlier today in the middle of a baking Sydney afternoon, British pop star Robbie Williams met with a very intimate and select crowd of Australian media outlets to discuss the musicians’ upcoming Australian Let Me Entertain You tour. Due to kick the wheels of the show into motion later this month, his latest tour Down Under sees the former Take That member turned solo icon touch down for shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and starting on October 9th in Perth.

Dressed impeccably in an all blue Versace suit and shirt with matching blue studded slip on shoes, Williams answered questions from the press and posed for photos at the event which was held within the ritzy settings of Sydney’s Langham Hotel.

Robbie’s career is dotted with more success than most music artists past or present. Having outlived a solid stint as one fifth of Take That in the 90’s, he found further fame as a solo artist, offering his legions of fans 10 studio albums to date including two impressive swing albums.

Robbie Williams Press Conference 2

His hits have become some of the most recognizable and successful pop hits in recent times and have included Rock DJ, Millennium, Supreme, Better Man, Let Love Be Your Energy, Lazy Days and of course his signature hit, Angels, which was one of the biggest selling singles of the nineties. All of these have helped Williams shift in excess of 75 million records and have pushed all of his albums, with the exception of 2009’s Reality Killed The Video Star (which peaked at number 2) to the number 1 spot in the charts. After a long overdue comeback, William’s reunitied with his former Take That bandmates for a new album which saw the reformed 5-piece deliver the most successful tour in UK history – the Progress Live Stadium Tour before getting back in the saddle with further solo albums that have kept Williams at the forefront of pop music and a hot act on the international stage.

When asked about the difference between his upcoming dates and his last tour of Australia, 2014’s Swing When You’re Winning tour, Robbie commented “I read on lots of forums on the internet that they (the fans) missed the hits and so I’m back to do some of the stuff that I haven’t done since 2006 like Angels, Rock DJ, Better Man etc etc”.

He was a master at drawing laughter from the crowd during the conference at several points showing the musician is an entertainer on and off the stage. When asked what we can expect from his lastest tour, Robbie replied, “have you seen me before? – like that but a little bit older”.

Reflecting on his successful duet with pop princess Kylie Minogue (2000’s Kids), Williams revealed an interest in getting back into the recording studio with the singer for his new album which he plans to release in 2016. When asked about Australian artists that were high on his radar, Robbie commented that a follow up project with Kylie is on his wish list, explaining “I want to work with Kylie again”. When asked whether he has met up with Kylie lately Robbie commented “I’m about to actually; to ask her to do another song with me. Hopefully she’ll want to or have the time or inclination”, leaving the door wide open to possibilities for a reunion of the two pop heavyweights.

Robbie Williams Press Conference 3

When he was asked about the set list for the new tour, he told the media “It’s the Let Me Entertain You tour so it’s what I consider to be my greatest hits. “ He was then asked about his signature hit, Angels and whether performing the song after so many years has taken its toll on his personal liking of the hit in which he told us “It is my biggest hit and I am really proud of it so I never get bored of singing it. It also means it’s the last song so it means I’m going home so I really get a mental and physical breather. I know that I am ending on an emotional and hit-wise high”.

And as for numbers we shouldn’t expect to hear on tour this year, Robbie announced “I did the first show in Perth and Candy came on and there was just no response whatsoever. I was like, this is so weird, my second biggest hit after Angels. And then I went home and put in Google ‘Robbie Williams, Australia, Candy’ – Number 53. So I’ll take that off the set list, then”.

With a plethora of hits to choose from over 10 enormously successful solo albums, its fairly certain that Robbie’s upcoming Let Me Entertain You tour is going to be a mammoth spectacle and the hottest tickets of the year.

Check out our gallery of photos take of the press conference below.

You can catch Robbie Williams this month as he takes to the road on his Let Me Entertain You tour at the following dates:

Friday 9 October 2015 and Saturday 10 October 2015 – Perth Arena, Perth, WA

Tuesday 13 October 2015 (SOLD OUT) and Wednesday 14 October 2015 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, SA

Saturday 17 October (SOLD OUT) – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD

Thursday 22 October 2015 (SOLD OUT), Friday 23 October 2015 (SOLD OUT), Saturday 24 October 2015 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC

Tuesday 27 October 2015 (SOLD OUT) and Wednesday 28 October 2015 – Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Saturday 31 October 2015 – Basin Reserve, Wellington, NZ

Tuesday 3 November 2015 – Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ