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Richard Clapton celebrates 40 years as a recording artist (AUS)

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Richard Clapton is a name that is synonymous with Australian Rock music and this year marks his 40th year as a recording artist. To mark this auspicious occasion, Richard is making his annual pilgrimage to Sydney’s State Theatre for a night of nostalgia, reminiscing and of course a generous serving of the latest and greatest hits of his illustrious career.

Growing up in the era which gave birth to the rock’n’roll phenomenon, Richard’s youth was sound tracked by the likes of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones and it was not long after Richard picked up his first electric guitar that he quickly realised a deep passion and ability for creating music and from that moment he threw himself into doing just that. Raising enough money for his fare, Richard boarded a ship to the epicentre of the cultural uprising of the swinging sixties, London where he joined various bands experimenting with his sound as a guitarist and vocalist.
On his return to Australia Richard signed a recording contract as a solo artist, releasing his first album, Prussian Blue in 1973. The album received critical acclaim but it was not until 1975 when Richard released the single Girls On The Avenue that commercial success came his way. Originally earmarked as a “B” side, Girls On The Avenue went on to reach No. 2 on the national charts and put Richard firmly on the musical map… And the rest, as they say is history!
With thirteen studio albums spanning four decades, including  1977’s iconic album Goodbye Tiger, 1982’s The Great Escape and most recently 2012’s Harlequin Nights, Richard has certainly earned his position as one of the country’s most influential and admired musicians and he has amassed a dedicated and diverse fan base along the way.
Richards love affair with the State Theatre is now in its sixth year having started in 2008 when Richard held a one off concert to celebrate 35 years in the music industry. In 2009, Clapton showcased his pivotal 1977 album Goodbye Tigerwith 2 sold-out shows (which included his old friend, Ian Moss), and in 2010 fans were asked to help put their ultimate set list together for his Acoustic v. Electric show, featuring Diesel. 2011 carried on the tradition with a sold out audience kicking their heels up to his Great Escape album show and last year fans were treated to Past Hits and Previews. 
This year fans will get the full Richard Clapton experience with all of his greatest hits from his incredible 40 years in the business, with songs like I Am An Island, The Best Years of Our Lives, Capricorn Dancer, Girls on the Avenue, Glory Road, Goodbye Tiger, Trust Somebody, Get Back to the Shelter, Down in the Lucky Country and a myriad more.
Get along to the State Theatre on Saturday, 2 November 2013 and be part of the celebrations for one of the country’s most beloved musicians.