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Record Rewind: Busted – Busted

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Let’s take a moment to do some time travelling. No not to the mythical land of the Year 3000, but rather to the early noughties. Busted was formed in 2000, consisting of 3 lads; James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson. And while the band managed to sell over 5 million records world wide and score multi platinum albums, the lads went their separate ways in 2005 – breaking the hearts of many teen girls. Fast forward 10 years after a string of solo and other band projects and the formation of supergroup McBusted with fellow Brit Rockers McFly (minus Simpson) it seems that pigs do fly, because the Busted boys are back together, writing new music and announcing an UK and Ireland arena tour. While the bands been through its ups and downs, their 2002 self-titled debut Busted is still home to some of the most iconic jams from the noughties til now.

Busted BustedTheir debut band single, What I Go To School For was an instant success, reaching number 3 on the UK charts and ultimately paved the way for the Busted album. With its guitar melody, the raw vocals and lyrics stimulated by adolescent ideals it’s the perfect mood setter for the 3x platinum album Busted. Putting their fantasies into songs is a common theme amongst Busted tracks, like Britney Spears inspired tune, Britney or the instantly recognizable tune, Year 3000. And no, I’m not talking about the water downed Jonas Brothers version: we’re here for the original. Written and recorded by this trio of guys, in which “triple breasted women swim around town, totally naked”, before you know it you’ll be bouncing along to chorus, reciting the futuristic experiences of the Year 3000.

While Busted is bursting with high energy, playful songs there are also genuine moments of maturity, where the guys put their song writing talents to some more serious tracks. From the sombre mood of Losing You and high emotional staked ballad Without You to the sincerity boasted within All The Way it adds yet another layer to the importance of this record. But the Busted 14-track collection isn’t complete with the mid tempo, rhythmic beat of Sleeping With The Light On, with the boys serenading, “I feel her slipping through my fingers” / “now she’s gone, I’m sleeping with the light on” before the drums kick in and the mood turns to anguish – it’s just another key track in the Busted discography. But of course who could forget the high energy, all in track, Dawson’s Geek. Musically appealing with its big drumbeat and hard hitting lyrics, it’s an absolute belter that’s difficult not to sing along with.

It’s an album that can be played through on a loop or on shuffle mode, full of bouncing belters and infectious lyrics that also has a sensitive side. While at the time the Busted boys were only 17-19, their ear for song writing was impressive, crafting songs with real hooks – whether they be emotional or humorous. And although it was released 13 years ago, it’s an album that’s still bursting with passion and creativity with lyrics that are still relatable and exciting to this day, making Busted a dynamic album full of hits deserving to be listened too.