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Album Review: Phamie Gow – Road Of The Loving Heart

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Multi-talented composer and musician Phamie Gow has led a rather successful musical life as she approaches the release of her new record  Road Of A Loving Heart, which sees the light of day on Monday. Standing strong as Gow’s sixth record Road Of The Loving Heart combines Gow’s talents behind a piano with some delightfully crafted self penned numbers of gentle instrumentation.

PhamieGowRoadOfStarting her career in music at an early age Gow released her first record at the age of 19. Over the years she has worked hard to establish herself as one of the countries most musically gifted artists and has gone on to become a regular featured act on Classic FM, Europe’s most recognized and listened to classical music radio station as well as claiming the title of Cafe Nerro’s most played artist throughout the UK.

Road Of The Loving Heart is a gentle collection of warm and charming piano numbers that Gow has composed with faultless precision. Known primarily for her skills on the harp Gow has this time substituted her strings for the keys of a piano and built a generous collection of 13 instrumental gems.

Though the tracks on Road Of The Loving Heart are all instrumental numbers each hold their own special position within the record and have their own character on the album that sets them apart from the next.

London is minimalist piano balladry at its best which is drenched in sorrowful tinkering and a mournful melody while Regresso A Chile contains some sweet and fast paced finger-work with a harder approach to it. The following Au Revoir Elsa also contains a darker feel within its two minute duration that adds a more eerie and darker edge to the centre of the album.

With a successful tour of Europe to promote the record Gow is quickly becoming a household name with her charismatic approach to songwriting and a knack for penning some memorable and gifted easy listening records.