Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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Pale release digital stream for new single ‘Fearing Faces’ (UK)

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Pale have released their latest single, Fearing Faces on Soundcloud ahead of the track’s August 10th release on iTunes. An emotional and modern pop song, new single Fearing Faces brings together the duo’s writing and recording inspirations on their most focused work so far.

The pair initially set out with the intention of putting together a band, but confined to recording early demos in a shed at the bottom of a parent’s garden; they were forced to adapt within their means.

While beginning rehearsals for a new drummer last year they were invited on tour by The Vaccines, who happened to be fans of the first demos, but with only two spaces left on the bus they scaled down to the original two-piece, and picked up the cheapest drum machine they could find. “We wanted to be a band but at the level we’re at we have to make it work with what we have. We’ve only got space in the car for two so we make it work with two. Maybe when we get a bigger car we’ll get a drummer”. This determination to persevere with the circumstances proved to be an important part in the genesis of Pale’s minimal aesthetic.

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