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Ones To Watch: Ziynet Sali

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photo: Fifth Element

Location: Turkey

Genre: EuroDance

Turkish Superstar Ziynet Sali is set to make a splash into the British music scene.

Born in the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus, Ziynet moved to Manchester when she was just a few months old where she remained until she was 6. Her family then returned to Northern Cyprus where Ziynet finished her education, before attending a prestigious music academy in Istanbul. Ziynet released her debut single in 2000 a release that was followed by an extremely successful 17 years.

photo: Fifth Element

Her incredibly powerful vocals and large vocal range have made it very easy for Ziynet to attract a multitude of fans from all over the world. Ziynet formally used the U.K as a safe haven, a place she could go and retain her anonymity.

However that’s all about to change!

Having already shown an ability to grow her fanbase worldwide, there’s no doubt Ziynet Sali is about to take the U.K by storm! Having sold millions of records, and accumulated more than a hundred million YouTube views, Ziynet Sali can no longer walk around in Turkey without being recognised and approached by her many fans.

She now plans to bring her stardom to England, with the release of her new single ‘Magic’ on the 12th of January.

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