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Ones To Watch: Sophia Pfister

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Location: Los Angeles, U.S

Genre: Sultry Folk/Rock

Seductive singer and songwriter Sophia Pfister is based in Los Angeles but grew up in the small town of Ashland, Oregon. Her self-titled, debut EP features folk, classical and rock instruments such as banjos, clarinets, violins, trumpets and electric bass, but takes these instruments out from their normal musical context and brews them all together beautifully. You’ll hear her sincere and sultry voice singing provocatively playful lyrics that entwines honesty and mystery leaving a listener touched and endlessly intrigued.

Teaming up with studio owner and Grammy-winning audio engineer, Tom Weir, plus bass-player from The Blue Hawaiians, Mark Fontana, along with many more established musicians on the credits, her first EP is a heart-throbbing, head-turner, released last December.

Sophie Pfister

“Making this EP took on a life of its own, the songs seemed like they wrote themselves and everyone I met and everywhere I went became an inspiration.”

Without major label support, she’s slowly but steadily earning attention and with her rule-breaking knack for songwriting and natural charisma, it may be only a matter of time that we see Sophia Pfister become a name written in stone.

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iTunes: SophiaPfister

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