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Ones To Watch: Arkive

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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Members: Mitch Burgess, Court Walters, Josh Meulman, Sam Armstrong, Chris Zahn, Dylan Abel and Tom Clarke 

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Arkive have smashed into Melbourne’s post-hardcore scene with their debut self-titled EP, released on October 27th 2014. After commencing work on the EP during February 2014 the boys undertook a 2 week recording process in July under the guidance of Beau McKee and Dream on Dreamer’s Callan Orr from Avalanche studios. This four track EP includes “Birthright” well received on Melbourne community radio and a balls to the wall show case of the band’s dynamic sound.

[youtube id=”WSCUyvIH25E” width=”620″ height=”360″]

This multi-layered EP features an enthralling harmonization of Court Walter’s scream and Mitch Burgess’ clean vocals, as well as a guest appearance from Autumn in Alaska’s Cody Spalding. Each song encompasses a different strength, from the synchronisation of juxtaposing guitar riffs to djent sounds and even sweet bass tones combined with sultry vocals.

Arkive presents a distinct sound rather than a generic copy. This fast growing seven piece from Melbourne consistently pull the largest crowds and gain new fans every gig. The chemistry between the members is captivating. It is patent in the dynamics of their song composition and in the synchronisation with each other that this band is a force to be reckoned with.

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