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Album Review: Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time

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It is a fairly obvious fact that there aren’t too many acts that survive the X-Factor gauntlet. For most winners, as time has shown, you are better off not reaching the top spot. Previous crown bearers such as Matt Cardle, Leon Jackson and Joe McElderry have all produced less than fruitful records following their ‘glory’ on the reality talent show as we have watched their careers dwindle away and, in Leon Jacksons case, be thrown into the bargain bins before disappearing from the public eye entirely.

OllyMursRightPlaceSaying this, however, there have been a few who have continued their success well after their win including Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis who have all carried on long after their triumph. As it turns out, becoming a runner up seems the most preferable result as the likes of JLS, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction have shown us.

Olly Murs appeared on the X Factor back in 2009 and was runner up to the series winner, Joe McElderry. With his radiant personality and charisma along with his confident and skilled vocals Murs was a favorite to win the show and there is no doubt that things would have gone in a completely different direction had he taken the crown that year – probably not in the desired direction.

Murs first release was his 2010 self-titled record which spawned a series of hits including the chart topping Please Don’t Let Me Go, the Top 5 hit Thinking Of Me and the Top 20 hit Heart On My Sleeve and helped push the fans toward a successful 41 date theatre tour of the UK.

Mur’s sophomore release, In Case You Didn’t Know, followed in 2011 and proved more successful than his debut with the single Heart Skips A Beat and Dance With Me Tonight both claiming the number one spot. While releasing records the singer also took on a presenter role for the X Factor’s spin off show, The Xtra Factor, showing us his talent as an all-round entertainer.

With Christmas knocking on our door and an opportunity to capitalize on the gift-giving season Murs has recently released his third album in time for the festive, stocking-filling period. Right Place Right Time sees the star back in the saddle and claiming his place as one of pops brightest stars.

Opening the new album is Army of Two and expectations are rocketed fairly high up as this track really captures the essence of the Murs pop machine. It has a bit of a Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama/Robbie Williams Rock DJ feel to it but as soon as Olly jumps into the track he claims his territory immediately and takes us on a ride through splendid and superior pop sweetness. Throw in a few occasional trombones and an incredibly catchy chorus with a thumping, toe-tapping rhythm and the track is evidence of the abundance of talent within the singer for any Murs doubters out there. The track is a fine starting point for this new record.

Sliding into Maroon 5-esque waters the following Troublemaker is an upbeat pop nugget with a slightly reggae coated underbelly that welcomes in an RnB collaboration with US Hip Hop superstar Flo Rida who gives the track an smooth, soulful edge to the number.

Showing off his artistic diversity Murs unleashes one of the best ballads of his recording career to date with the impossibly beautiful Loud and Clear which enlists a male vocal ensemble providing the track with a complimenting chorus hook while a myriad of strings are orchestrated around the tracks stunning vocal arrangement.

[youtube id=”4aQDOUbErNg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Further into the new album other ballads strike emotive chords with inclusions like the sweet piano led closing of One Of These Days which allows the singer to pour his heart out over a beautifully orchestrated string section while Hand On Your Heart is a gorgeous and memorable penning that throws Murs into vulnerable and sentimental territory. Its chorus, with Murs’ catchy vocal inflections coating the title of the track, is one of the more memorable heard on Right Place Right Time.

In terms of upbeat notables the following Hey You Beautiful is a powerful, disco-scented pop monster filling in the centre of the track listing.

Right Place Right Time hits all the right notes in terms of what we have come to expect of the singer and is consistent from start to end. He found his signature sound back with his debut in 2010 and that sound is dripping from this new collection. Right Place Right Time is a top notch effort for Olly Murs.

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2 thoughts on “Album Review: Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time

  1. Matt Cardle and Joe McElderry are on new labels and doing well! Their last albums actually outsold Alexandra Burke’s! And Leona’s last single only sold 600 copies! Please check your facts before writing people off.

    1. Hi Michael

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry you didn’t agree with this section of our Olly Mur’s review.

      We feel that Leona and Alexandra’s success is more noteworthy at this point than Matt or Joe’s on a commercial and international scale. Though Leona’s last single may have sold only 600 copies it is Leona’s overall success as well as her global success that we were attempting to highlight. As the author of this review I am actually a big Matt Cardle fan however as a reviewer I always try to approach a record with an unbiased approach. There was no intention to write any performers off.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

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