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Album Review: Niki And The Dove – Instinct

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Swedish euro-pop newbies Niki and the Dove make a welcomed entrance into the forefront of synth loving pop sweetness with the Stockholm based acts debut album Instinct which saw its release this week and displays an act that have crafted something truly and eccentrically special.

Instinct is the duo’s first dip into the mainstream and sees a combination of catchy dance hooks being paired with an inducing and juicy array of radio and club friendly pop nuggets that find their way into your memory and continue to demand a repeat listen.

NikiAndTheDoveInstinctTomorrow is the opening number and also the records third single. With a memorable themed video that has been released to coincide with the track, Tomorrow unfolds with Dahlström gently pacing herself through a melody that builds itself gently towards a rich and momentous chorus. Drenched in rich musicality it is an infectious euro-pop gem and the perfect current single for Niki and the Dove to sit alongside the release of Instinct.

In Our Eyes is one of the notables on Instinct. Lyrically engaging the trio unravel a number that paces gradually from its chilling opening effects through a melody of commercial qualities with an almost nostalgic backbone running through the track that is assisted by its memorable eighties inspired chorus.

The Gentle Roar is a diverse addition to the opening section of the record. Driven by an echoed drum beat and numerous vocal chants that swim alongside Dahlström’s beautifully textured and articulated vocals, the number presents itself as an almost African inspired spiritual.

Showing just how diverse Instinct sets out to be, Somebody turns the record on its head and we are offered a powerful, candy coated track that could easily have been written by any of pops current leading ladies and aches for single release. It lifts the records mid-section and combines a wide range of instruments that help showcase the bands ability to utilize sounds and effects with spectacular results.

Nearing the end of the record The Fox sits modestly among a collision of haunting strings and scene stealing synth loops pushing the record toward a nearing climax before the lengthy and highly experimental Under The Bridges displays the trio as an act clearly confident to push the boundaries of synth pop with a driving, pulsating album closer that leaves us crying out for an encore.

Confident and vocally expressive front woman Malin Dahlström provides the collection with attitude, elegance and a set of vocals that sound quite similar to eighties pop icon Cyndi Lauper on most of the tracks within the dozen pennings that the track-listing boasts as well as, at times, Kate Bush.

It is no surprise that we are delivered with another synth stoked record but that seems to be what sells these days and Instinct seems almost destined to have been molded by an act as rich and musically intellectual as Niki and the Dove and they really pull it off from start to end as we are presented with a thorough and inspiring collection here. With Sweden producing so many credible and creative exports, Niki and the Dove prove to be one of the most invigorating and captivating acts to emerge from the Swedish scene in quite some time.

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