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News: San Cisco Announce New Album ‘Gracetown’

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(UK) After a solid year of touring and festivals, San Cisco are set to release Gracetown, the follow-up album to their 2013 self-titled debut, in the UK on April 6th. The album will follow first single ‘Run’, which is out on March 26th. The band will also perform a one-off album launch show at London’s Tufnell Park Dome on April 9th.

Coming out of the small coastal resort of Fremantle, a beautiful town nestling in the shadow of Perth’s gleaming monoliths and separated from the more fashionable parts of Oz by thousands of miles of red dirt, you might expect the music of San Cisco to be limited in vision, comprising flimsy surf-ditties extolling the ephemeral pleasures of sun, surf and sex. You would be wrong.

For while it would be untrue to claim that the unholy trinity of sex, sun and sea are absent from their songs, on their new album, Gracetown, the band — singer Jordi Davieson, Josh Biondillo (guitar), Nick Gardner (bass) and Scarlett Stevens (drums) — extend their sonic palette to new territories. There is a deeper, chillier feel to songs such as ‘Snow’ and a looser, funkier feel to ones like ‘Jealousy’ that signals a new sophistication and maturity. Less sun, then, and more muted shades, as well as a deeper exploration of the hormonal tangle that is postmodern sexual politics. If there is a band that better explores the ache, paranoia and oestrogen-rush of young love I don’t know it. The album shows San Cisco growing up, and this growing up is scary and magnificent to behold.

On Gracetown, San Cisco have enlisted the help of producer and long-term collaborator Steven Schram, and the presence of this ‘fifth Beatle’ is manifest from the first. Schram has furthered the band’s experimentation with new styles and textures to great effect. Prior to visiting The Compound (studio-home of fellow Fremantle friend and musician John Butler) Josh and Jordi crafted the bones of the album at Rada Studios with friend and musician Matt Gio. Schram then encouraged them to tread boldly where they had not yet gone in sonic terms. Taking its title from a laid back coastal town in South Western Australia, Gracetown features an equally laid back design, showcasing artwork from local artist, Pete Matulich.

Having previously toured with the Vaccines and Darwin Deez among others, as well as completed a sold out headline UK tour, San Cisco will be back in the UK to showcase their new songs on April 9th in London as part of a European tour.


Thursday April 9th- The Dome Tufnell Park, London | TICKETS

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