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News: Jonathan Antoine Details His ‘Balcony Roadshow’ and upcoming album ‘Tenore’

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(UK) Jonathan Antoine, the 19 year old tenor who burst onto the scene in 2012 and became a worldwide sensation after his remarkable appearance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, has announced his Balcony Roadshow. He will appear in special free pop up events to bring classical music right up close to his fans!

The roadshow culminates in a very special event in Jonathan’s burgeoning career, when he appears at the iTunes festival on 30th September 2014 at the Roundhouse, London as a special guest of legendary opera star, Placido Domingo, who is closing this year’s festival.

Jonathan’s debut solo album ‘Tenore’ is released on October 13th on Sony Classical. The album is produced by multi Grammy-nominated music producer, Anna Barry.

24th September – Newcastle (Thistle Hotel),
25th September – Manchester (Manchester Cathedral),
26th September – Birmingham (Pizza Express, Bull Ring)
27th September – Cardiff (Castle Arcade)
30th September – London (Roundhouse – iTunes Festival)

8 thoughts on “News: Jonathan Antoine Details His ‘Balcony Roadshow’ and upcoming album ‘Tenore’

  1. I believe you should have said, ‘on BGT with then partner, Charlotte Jaconelli’. He didn’t do the appearance by himself. Also, this is a wonderful opportunity for Jonathan, he is just so fantastic and to be with Placido, well what can one say! He’s going to wow the countryside even more than he has already.

    1. Why is it necessary for Jonathan or indeed ANYONE to have said who he appeared on BGT with? He clearly didn’t do the appearance by himself ,he was put forward by his singing lessons partner Miss Jaconelli.,who would never have got as far as she did if it hadn’t been for the incredible talent of Mr Antoine.He and Miss Jaconelli are now solo artists in their own right, do they forever ,for the rest of their days need to be reminded that they were once a duo. I don’t think so. And he won’t be “wowing the countryside”, He will be wowing the world. I do agree with you though that he IS fantastic , and it’s a wonderful opportunity for Placido Domingo to meet the most humble, kind and caring young man to ever grace the Music world.

  2. Strangely enough Northern Ireland is also pay off UK and yet it is ALWAYS left out on these occasions. I’m one very disappointed fan!

  3. Good on ya Jonathon!
    In the company of Anna Barry and Placido, that’s what dreams are made of. Keep on going with this gift.
    The adventure continues!

  4. Jonathan, is a Very Talented Young Man, He has the Most Extraordinary Voice, and it is only by Sheer Hard Work, and Dedication, and Determination that He Has Reached So Far. and Will go on to even Greater Things, Jonathan Loves Singing, and We love His Singing. When He was asked What He would like to do In the Future, He Replied, “I JUST WANT TO SING”.I Thank God For Jonathan, He Has made such a difference to so Many, lives, including mine. He Loves HIS FANS, and His Fans Love Him, and His Fabulous Family, who are behind him and always will be, every step of the way. He Is A Lovely, Lovely Guy.

  5. Wow Jonathan what a great opportunity to take that astonishing voice to your fans. All great cities and I’m pretty sure you being there will draw people out in droves.

    You’re doing so well!! Album debuting in October this year, free outside performances for your fans, performing at the Proms and to top it all off – a performance with Placido Domingo!!! An elder legend with a new born legend. The only way is up for you Jonathan Antoine and so far it’s been a fabulous journey for your fans. Thanks for letting us walk with you xxx

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