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News: Jessie Ware’s new album release date and track list revealed

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(U.K) Having wowed the world with the first offering from the album with her new single released this week, Jessie Ware is excited to announce full details of her forthcoming second album Tough Love. The album will be released on October 6th through PMR/Island Records.

Executive producers BenZel (a new production duo made up of PMR labelmate Two Inch Punch and super-producer Benny Blanco) and you can hear the leaps in production and songwriting that come with experiences post her debut and an expanded team. While the record still draws on the suave, svelte palette of synths and bass heard on ‘Devotion’, they’re combined with more confident choruses and lush arrangements. Jessie’s stunning vocal is brought to the fore.

Jessie first entered our consciousness as a breath of fresh air in 2012 with the release of her delicately soulful debut album Devotion which became one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year. She was nominated for two Brits in 2013– Breakthrough and British Female.

Tough Love marks the beginning of Jessie Ware – not the backing singer or the club-track vocalist or the girl done good – but the star. “I can’t keep going round going ‘oh my god, this is happening.’ I feel more confident and I think that shows on the record, even the way I deliver the vocals is more upfront. Being a singer is a fucking wicked job, but it’s definitely my job now.

‘Tough Love’ is out on PMR Records / Island on October 6th supported by a run live shows.

It will be released in North America on October 21st

Pre-order the album here.


01. Tough Love

02. You & I (Forever)

03. Cruel

04. Say You Love Me

05. Sweetest Song

06. Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe

07. Want Your Feeling

08. Pieces

09. Keep on Lying

10. Champagne Kisses

11. Desire