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Matt Costa – Mobile Chateau

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Already having supported the likes of Jack Johnson, Canadian singer songwriter Matt Costa is now on his way to concreting his own sturdy career within the indie genre. Having signed to Johnson’s Brushfire Records, we are now presented with Costa’s third album release, Mobile Chateau, which proves to be one step ahead of itself and dotted with well crafted and refined pieces of nostalgic indie pop.

The album is layered with similarities of psychedelic 60’s pop/rock. Clearly his influences of old school funk has played a major role in the creation of Mobile Chateau with each song oozing class and a dated feel whilst always sounding fresh and uncomprimised.

MattCostaMobileChateauMinus the shackles of a major label backing the musician, Costa has been free to explore and create what has come to fruition throughout Mobile Chateau. With this third release the singer takes his exploration one step further with an enriched talent at composing some pretty meaty numbers of nostalgic, gritty and echo-laden pop numbers.

Some of the highlights throughout this new release include the albums lead single Witchcraft, which along with Next Time, relies heavily on the use of tambourines and a chunky melody full of melancholic flavors.

Johnny’s Love Of Majik is drenched with catchy guitar riffs and a gentle stroll through vocal harmonies and well married backing vocal whisperings.

Opening number The Season is soaked in Hollies similarities and draws on Costa’s talents as one of the industry’s most undeniable songwriting talents.

Further down the album the haunting Bleeding Hearts begins as a gentle semi-a capella number being take over by a fantastic horn section and piano tinkering as the song inclines to a more upbeat and lyrically driven number.

The fact that this record could fit quite nicely into the catalogue of the greats from the 60’s and 70’s holds this record at new heights for its creator. Where the use of auto-tune and programming can easily blemish a pop record as seen with most releases these days, Mobile Chateau is seasoned with raw melodies, distinctive vocals and impeccably crafted hooks that allow this album to breath easy and stand alone as a superb release for a musician quite capable of placing the midest touch on today’s genre of singer songwriters with a difference and individual appeal.