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Live Review: Wolf Alice – 24th November 2017 – Alexandra Palace, London, UK

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Photo/ RCA/Laura Allard Fleischl

A great sense of pride and joy is found when you watch a band go from performing in gloomy basements on their first tour, to this week headlining a sold-out night at Alexandra Palace. Wolf Alice have toiled harder and harder over the years, last night’s gig felt like they are being crowned by their adoring fans.

The walk up to Alexandra Palace has one of the best London skyline views, it only seems right that Wolf Alice get to play atop the city they came from. Hoards of teenage fans covered in glitter run into the venue until it feels like it might burst with anticipation. Wolf Alice take to the stage drowned out by screams and squeals, a fitting reception for these deserving rock gods.

Ellie Rowsell’s charisma dictates the pace of her band who flank every side of the huge stage, guitarist Joff swings his guitar around dangerously yet confident. Hits from first album My Love Is Cool incite moshpits across the venue, reinforcing the idea that there has always been something super special about Wolf Alice.

Yuk Foo’s swear words are cathartically screamed at almost Beatlemania volumes, a theme that sets the tone for much of the set. Watching Ellie Rowsell shred so powerfully will no doubt inspire more to pick up guitars, and one lucky kid has the opportunity to join the band for this weeks rendition of Moaning Lisa Smile – the unassuming Jade walking onstage, quietly picking up a guitar before proceeding to melt everyone’s faces off. The band are clearly taken aback by their influence on their fans, but Wolf Alice continually tap into all of our primal instincts to rock out and have a good time.

Tales of friendship told through Bros sees many people grab their nearest and dearest in a salute to the power of platonic friendship. The night closes with the balls to the wall chaos of Fluffy, with one final moshpit quickly getting underway. Pints are flung, hands are raised and Wolf Alice firmly become the best live band currently in Britain.