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Live Review: The Rails – 20th September 2017 – Borderline, London, UK

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Photo: MBCPR

Husband and wife duo The Rails were welcomed home to London by an enthusiastic crowd at London’s Borderline venue. Transforming the edgy and angular space into a homely acoustic haven. Playing songs from both their debut album; Fair Warning and latest release Other People to a mixed crowd of fans and friends, Kami Thompson and James Walbourne pulse off each other like only two people in love can.

A live cellist added a touch of class to proceedings, bringing to mind cold wintery evenings spent listening to the likes of The Pogues and other folk icons. The harmonies instill a sense of calm even over the busy bar, with between song chat quickly turning to talk of mojitos. Tracks like Brick & Mortar romanticise the industrial nature of the city and the current setting, turning the grey skyline into an idyllic dream.

The low ceilings provide an interesting backdrop for a band who specialise in soaring harmonies, yet the small space increases the deeply personal touch of the gig. There’s a community feel of old friends meeting again after long periods apart, and each new song sees many embracing those around them.

Some songs lose ambience for people speaking and chuckling over, thus sadly causing distractions – but at a credit to The Rails, they never lose even a single ounce of professionalism. These are clearly experienced musicians with a great love for what they do, and whilst The Rails may fly under the radars of many, what they do offer is a delightful slice of escapism that retains a grittier underbelly.