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Live Review – Nile Rodgers and Chic – 6 July 2018 – Greenwich Music Time Festival, London, UK

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London is in the grip of a seemingly never-ending heatwave, England are still in the World Cup and tonight the iconic Nile Rodgers headlines the Old Naval College in London with a disco celebration like no other. The setting by the river makes for a stunning sunset behind the stage, as people of all generations boogie their way to their seats.

One time mullet sporter and TV presenter Pat Sharpe is on warm-up duty this evening, spinning 80s classics such as Wham!, ABBA and the current replacement national anthem of ‘IT’S COMING HOME’. Whilst his mixing skills aren’t exactly up to scratch, Sharpe’s trip back in time is ideal for ushering everyone to their seats in preparation for tonight’s main attraction.

Taking to the stage without too much fanfare or celebration, Nile Rodgers and the people of Chic launch straight into their most well-known hits – aka, every song they have ever written or sung. We Are Family, Les Freak and Everybody Dance have people propelled out of their seats to throw all kinds of whacky shapes.

The band are so well drilled in their performance that it can only be described as undeniably flawless. The vocals are sensational and emphatic, managing to fill every centimetre of available space. Total strangers are making new friends and dancing together as Rodgers & co launch into a medley of hits that he was written for others through the decade. Like A Virgin and the still unstoppable Get Lucky pulsate through the sky as fireworks are set off nearby.

There are only a handful of bands so accustomed to performing as Nile Rodgers & Chic that their skill and talent takes away the collective breath of the entire crowd. Even in 30 degree weather, the power of disco and dance is impossible to ignore and even though a fair few in the grounds weren’t alive to experience Nile & Chic the first time around – it’s as if everyone has only ever known joy through this magical band’s contributions to music.