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Live Review: LANY – 12th December 2017 – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK

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Photo: Catie Laffoon/Universal Music Australia

As the lights dim inside Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the palpable energy is felt even at the very back of the quaint room. Californian trio LANY take to the stage in a flurry of adoration from their fans, which is just the beginning of what feels to be a real moment for the band.

Frontperson Paul Klein has a charm so infectious, the crowd are swiftly in the palm of his hands. Last night was a celebration of the band’s self-titled debut record; which came out in June of this year, taking fans on a live journey through their 80s inspired but modernly executed vision.

Vintage arcade games flash up behind the band during Dumb Stuff, a smart move in a year where nostalgic shows like Stranger Things have really taken a hold of the public psyche. All through the venue, couples canoodle to LANY’s unrelenting sunset in Cali sound. As a live unit, the band are incredibly tight; bouncing off one another and clearly enjoying every shred of what they’re doing.

Between song chat is minimal but honest, as Klein’s floppy hair is flicked back almost metronomically. From the confidently gentle ILYSB to the more assertive Where The Hell Are My Friends, LANY are setting the bar mighty high. As a debut record, theirs shows a consideration that goes against the typical grain of fragile masculinity and other such well-flogged tripes.

Just when you think LANY could do no better last night, they go and dip into a cover of Harry Styles’ song; Sign Of The Times, which is something that now needs to be officially recorded for all to enjoy. Such is the overly joyous response from the crowd at the end of the show, LANY have a hard time leaving the stage! Even well after the show ends, there are people still yelling for another encore. Last night, London belonged to LANY