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Live Review: Far From Saints – 5th December 2023 – Islington Assembly, London, UK

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This Tuesday night, the supergroup known as Far From Saints took to the stage at Islington Assembly Hall. The band consisting on Kelly Jones of Stereophonics and Patricia Lynn and Dwight A. Baker of The Wind and The Wave released their debut album earlier this year after recording it way back in 2019. The 5th was their first of two nights in London. Leah Weller kicked the night off with a pitch perfect offering of country-tinged pop. Her soft vocals fitting well to the light backing band, and although brief it was a great introduction to the vibe of the show.

Far From Saints emerged not to applause, but to Louie Armstrong’s version of When The Saints Come Marching In, a subtle nod to the band name. They opened with Screaming Hallelujah, the levity and bass of the track hitting even harder in the live setting. Kelly and Patrica’s voices melded seamlessly and beautifully, highlighted wonderfully in follow up Faded Black Tattoo. “We’re all feeling something,” Patricia said. “If you need to cry, cry. If you need to dance, dance.” The sentiment was followed by Take It Through The Night, a tune that is most representative of this feeling, and the most danceable song in the setlist. They ended it with a rocked up outro, reminiscent of Stereophonics, that shocked the audience into head-bangs and energetic outbursts. After such an explosion came We Won’t Get Out Alive, followed by initial single Let’s Turn This Back Around.

“We wrote the album in nine days, but it took two and a half years to release the record,” Kelly reminded the audience, before going into their rendition of Stevie Nicks’ Stop Dragging My Heart Around, the song that brought them together. The second cover of the night came via the Allman Brothers Band with Midnight Rider. Kelly told a tome about him and bassist Richard Jones, the pair having known each other for more than thirty years. Sat with a ukulele, he spoke of stitches on a summer break and listening to classic rock and metal tapes. “This song is about running towards fears instead of running away from them”, he announced before beginning Own It.

“London town, I want you to want me!” Dwight cried out as they launched into the song of the same name. An upbeat jolt after such a dower number, but a much needed boost. A Spirit In The Sky-esc outro ended the set with Kelly harmonising guitars and Patricia getting nearer to the crowd with her tambourine. The group returned for original Let The Light Shine Over You, as well as cover of Tom Petty’s American Girl and Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). “Hope you got…something!” Patrica said before leaving the stage. We certainly did.

Screaming Hallelujah
Faded Black Tattoo
Take It Through The Night
We Won’t Get Out Alive
Let’s Turn This Back Around
The Weather Left To Go
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks Cover)
No Fool Like an Old Fool
Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers Band Cover)
Gonna Find What’s Killing Me
Own It
I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick Cover)
The Ride

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Let the Light Shine Over You
American Girl (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Cover)