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Live Review: Evanescence – 31st March 2018 – Royal Festival Hall, London, UK

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Photo: PR Brown/MSOPR

Time was, Evanescence were every teen emo kid’s go to band whenever things got a little tough. Fast forward to 2018, and tonight the band are performing hits new and old alongside a full orchestra in one of London’s most impressive settings. The Royal Festival Hall has likely never seen such dedication to a band within its four walls, making this show feel like a defining moment in the life time of all present.

The stage is cloaked in near darkness as vocalist Amy Lee takes to the stage under a single spotlight, her poise abundantly clear from the outset. Lee’s voice begins with a softer re-imagination of their most well known hit – Bring Me To Life – which gradually builds into a full room singalong, expertly steered by the musicians onstage. For many in the room tonight, this song defined their generation. To see it performed live with such grandiose is a pleasure from start to finish.

Tracks from newer album Synthesis such as Hi-Lo and Lithium are accompanied by drummer Will Hunt moving with rapid speed, the likes of which is rarely seen. Each and every musician onstage is in perfect sync as conductor Susie Setter commands strings and horns to fill the high ceilings and beyond.

A brief between song interlude is punctuated by Lee bringing her young son onstage to wave at the assembled crowd, adding to her already very welcoming and humble persona. She speaks of the hope fans still provide her with, and as she introduces My Immortal it’s easy to see exactly what she’s talking about.

Lee holds herself very still for one able to throw out such incredible depth and sound. Her deportment is as gracious as it is booming, instilling a real sense of occasion. Evanescence are still such an important band to so many people, tonight they have witnessed something different and by far something truly spectacular.