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Album Review: Kosheen – Independence

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Independence is the brand new album for one of the UK’s premier dance acts, Kosheen.

Kosheen first broke the mainstream market a decade ago with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, Resist. 2001 was the year that Kosheen really got to shine and show the world their potential.  Resist saw them reach dizzying heights of success and a much wider audience than similar acts before them thanks to hits like Catch You, (Slip & Slide) Suicide and Hide which showcased the band as one of the leading forces in breakbeat synth-pop.

KosheenIndependenceThe release of Resist seemed to be the peak in Kosheen’s journey and we haven’t really had anything as mainstream or quality consistent from them since the acts heyday a decade back. Saying this however does not mean that the band had disappeared entirely or lost their appeal to a fan base which has been by Kosheen’s side ever since and helped the bands 2003 Kokopelli release and 2007’s Damage become moderate successes for the group.  Singer Sian Evans has also recently found chart success lending her distinctive vocals to the DJ Fresh summer hit Louder, a hit that found its way to the number one spot in late 2011.

Fast forward to 2012 and Independence propels Kosheen back to the forefront of trip hop with a release that is as much welcomed as it is long overdue, the delay being down to a move from the acts previous record label to the groups newly created Kosheen Recordings label.

With a myriad or effects dripping from each of the hits within Independence there are a few that really shine and enforce the appeal that has won over millions of Kosheen fans around the globe. There couldn’t be a better way to start our new love affair with the outfit than with the opening Addict. Its pulsating synth loops and crystal clear production makes for a euphoric listen as front woman Sian Evans unleashes a confident and dark vocal creating not just a superb introduction to the new record but also one of Kosheen’s most exciting recordings to date.

Tightly commands attention as we are offered an infectious and commercial dance floor filler while Get A New One dabbles in more techno orientated territory with an electro-beat that creates the foundation to the numbers energetic verses before trading itself in for a smooth synth in the chorus’.

Further into the record Mannequin enlists a plethora or sounds to form a meaty and memorable dance nugget while down-tempo finds residence in the grinding Something New (Visionz Mix), a mostly instrumental number with a powerful dub-step kick.

Independence is a fantastic return to form for the Bristol based trio. There isn’t a dull moment to be heard on the record. Each track contains a fresh and individual characteristic while still retaining the commercial attributes of the band’s debut to allow for further mainstream success.

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