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Live Review: Kassidy – Wednesday 13th October 2010 – Borderline, London, UK

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Currently on the road in the middle of a hectic touring schedule that has included several dates at some of the biggest festivals around the country including Bestival, T In The Park and a main stage slot at Latitude festival, Americana inspired Scots, Kassidy played a special evening at London’s eloquent and intimate Borderline on Wednesday night.

Playing songs from their folk heavy EP trilogy, Rubbergum, the guitar wielding foursome proved to be an act with a real difference.

Formed back in 2008, hailing from Glasgow and taking their name from the film Butch Kassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, hearing Kassidy live you could be forgiven from thinking that the quartet hailed from America’s deep south. With their long haired, bearded image and the sporting of the occasional cowboy hat, the bands sublimely harmonized vocals perch sweetly against the backdrop of four crashing acoustic guitars. With the force to raise the hairs on your arms with every chord, Kassidy are a band that are set for huge things in 2011.

With momentum for the band rising by the minute within the small confines of London’s Borderline, the four piece proceeded to the stage at just after 9.30pm and began their set with the crowd erupting and instantly catching the vibe of one of the best acts the UK music scene has been blessed with in a very long time.

All of the bands hits to date were performed throughout the evenings set. Lead vocalist Barrie-James’ deep and raw voice modestly set the mood for the night and carried the majority of the songs along nicely with the rest of the band providing a rather meaty harmonized backing that really filled the room effortlessly. The bands current Rubbergum EP Vol 2 got the crowd moving with tracks like the enormous and highlight live number, Take Another Ride. This one is a monster of a track that really pushes the band into mainstream waters and opens the act up to a world of potential as an international offering. The production shines through on the recording of this number but when performed live, and with the energy that this foursome generate when they play together, this track is nothing short of being truly spectacular.

La Revenge was showcased with enigmatic and atmospheric brilliance. The track would be a brilliant single for these guys across the pond with its strong Americana structure. The band were tight as they sang the chorus with all parts holding the number together from the deep groans of lead man Barrie-James right up to the high falsetto peaks of the blonde, suave strumming Hamish Fingland.

With Barrie-James handing the lead vocal reigns over to his right hand man, Chris Potter, we were treated to the short yet melodically tasty singalong that is Panic Day. With a delicate finger picking and back up vocals that hum through the number the track was a winner with the crowd.

The venue was a great size for a Kassidy gig. Packed the the brim with hoards of groupie wannabes dressed to the nines and swaying recklessly on heels the crowd contained many admirers that weren’t shy of expressing their affection for the band as well as the odd hoots being heard overhead as Barrie-James shed a layer in the baking temperatures of the underground venue.

The foursome pieced together a meaty set of acoustic numbers before welcoming a drummer and bassist to the party in the final chorus of Take Another Ride. Instantly fitting in to continue with the performance of the track,  the addition of the musicians gave us the opportunity of hearing the quartet acoustically as well as within a traditional band setting showing their musics versatility.

With fantastic performances of The Lost and The Traveller, a crowd pleasing working of OMG and a barn dance version of That Old Song which encouraged several high spirited ladies in the audience to swing around the centre of the venue, Kassidy ended the first part of their set with a deafening applause.

Thankfully, within minutes the band emerged and took to the stage to play a two track encore made up of Next Move On, played beautifully as an a capella addition and the bands most famous and recognizable single, Stray Cat, ending the night on a high.

Wednesday nights performance at Borderline was one of the best gigs I have been to in the past two years, something I also heard another member of the crowd say as I was leaving the venue.

Kassidy are a genuinely talented act and a band with a structure unlike any other on the circuit right now. With lyrical depth and intricate melodies, their songs are tied together with pure precision and perfection and as a vocally and musically tight live act, Kassidy are set for an enormous 2011.

Set List:

La Revenge
Secret Tells A Lie
Panic Day
The Lost
Take Another Ride
That Old Song
Next Move On
Stray Cat