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Album Review: Jodie Marie – Mountain Echo

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Welsh starlet Jodie Marie is setting her sights on the top. Having already offered us two stunning tracks as a teaser to her debut album, the 20 year old songbird from small town Pembrokeshire is about to release her first full length record in the country drenched form of Mountain Echo.

JodieMarieMountainEchoThe star, who proved a popular support choice for Will Young’s recent 2011 Echoes tour, release a duo of singles in the lead up to Mountain Echo. First there was On The Road which was praised by fans and critics up and down the country and introduced us to one of the UK’s brightest new musical additions. Then there was her latest track I Got You which only went to further justify the hype building up around Marie and has so far proved to be another hit for the singer to have under her belt.

Mountain Echo is a promising treat for fans of flowing sentiment and melodic country flavors and the 11 tracks that make up the record is a fine start for Marie who is setting her sights on the top and this album sends her full steam ahead.

Single Blank Canvas ushers Mountain Echo in with a beautifully composed, love drunk country ballad with enough Americana twang, instantly creating the sounds of Nashville, giving the track international appeal. The singer also showcases her versatile vocals on the opening number as she croons through a gorgeous four minutes over a sweet string arrangement.

Numb shows the singers more edgy side in a track fitting for any American saloon while the following I Got You offers the standout number within the 11 track collection. Strings collide with Marie’s confident vocals as she tears through an upbeat and ambitious hit that is the latest single release to represent Mountain Echo.

I Got You sits back to back on the record with the singers debut single, On The Road. Nostalgia runs thick on this one as it unfolds to be a charming, piano complimented addition, pacing itself within its verses, building up into an explosive chorus that contains a subtle yet effective horn section giving the track a big band feel and creating a track that lingers in your mind long after it draws to a close.

Further into the album the laid back and piano led, Shadows Of Rain offers us country-tinged balladry at its finest as the singer pours her heart and soul into a lyrically touching number, once again over a gorgeous backdrop of strings while Greeney-Blue shows off Marie’s flawless and beautifully textured vocal talents on a track that sits over a gentle guitar strum, pushing her talents behind the mic into the spotlight.

Mountain Echo is both a sentimental and charismatic release for Jodie Marie and, much like the single releases, will no doubt see the singer garnished with acclaim and that wouldn’t be undeserved. We love Mountain Echo and think that Jodie Marie is going to go far with releases as effortless and nostalgically vibrant as this release revealed itself to be.

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