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Interview: Jason Dottley

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Singer and actor Jason Dottley has led a very successful career over the past few years with a series of studio albums and numerous slots in film, television and theatre. His most notable appearance was as part of the cast of the successful television series, Sordid Lives.

As well as his many projects in acting he also leads a very successful career in music having previous released a string of hit singles including Party Round The World, Hit Play and Pop It. With a new album on the horizon Jason has begun teasing us with the release of his brand new single It’s Our Night. The track sees Jason on top form with a catchy, memorable nugget of power pop and the track is the lead single to be released from his forthcoming studio offering.

With the momentum of the single’s release at full speed we caught up with Jason this week to talk about the track and the inspiration behind the number and his tour plans for the year. We also dive into the stars romantic side and find out who he is most heavily influenced by when it comes to his own pop releases. Here’s what Jason had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: How are you?

Jason Dottley: I’m fantastic! Thanks for chatting with me.

BV: Where in the world does our interview find you today Jason?

JD: I’m in my new apartment in Harlem. Just got home from doing a photo shoot for the Friend Movement, a new nationwide (US) anti-bullying campaign.

BV: Your latest track is called It’s Our Night. Can you tell us a little about the new track and the inspiration behind the single?

JD: I wanted to write a song that was an ode to the 90’s pop dance tracks that I grew up on. I also wanted to sing.  I’ve never really sung on a record before. (And I really like my newfound voice!)

BV: Is the track a dedication to anyone in your life?

JD: I wrote It’s Our Night about being with the sexiest and sweetest guy in my life, Itay Hod.  I’ve actually written most of my album “Love Story” about him, about the way he makes me feel.  When Renee Bailey sings “I’ll be your baby, please hold me tight” in It’s Our Night, that is the essence of the song to me. That feeling of wanting nothing more than to be his baby.

BV: The video for the single starts off with the quote – “Time is meaningless for a man in love”. Would it be a fair assumption to say you are a bit of a romantic guy?

JD: I’m so romantic!  I love long wine-filled dinners and sending flowers, a romantic night in bed overlooking an entire city and sending handwritten notes in the mail.  I like my affection to be known.  Some people say you should keep those things quiet for longer than I do, but when I like someone, I want them to know. You can’t lose what you aren’t meant to have, so if the person can’t handle my openness then he could never be right for me. I don’t fear expressing myself like I once did.

BV: What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

JD: I’m not sure if it’s the absolute most romantic thing, but I’d say wearing Itay’s name in code near my heart in the video for It’s Our Night would have to be up there.  That or having his hand writing a love note from me to him in Hebrew on the single cover.  The other things feel too intimate to share, like kissing and telling.

BV: The song is going to be featured on your upcoming record which is due later this year. Have you decided on a release date for the record?

JD: It will be late Fall.  I plan to work this single in the UK over the summer after its chart run in the States.

[youtube id=”8JKyXgMBWOo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Would you say that the vibe and style of It’s Our Night is indicative of the sound of the rest of the album?

JD: In terms of tone, yes. The album is a positive and uplifting look at everything new and exciting that comes with being in love. I didn’t want to write a break-up album about my divorce (from Del Shores), I wanted to focus entirely on what lied before me, not what had already happened.  My producer Christopher Thomas (whom I’ve worked with since my first record) and I have crafted an album that goes from pop to dark Pet Shop Boy’s sounding tracks to a few electro ballads. One track Heaven in the Dark is ala-Janet Jackson, all sex!

BV: Who did you grow up listening to? Who inspired you to become a recording artist?

I grew up listening to Madonna. And I’m still listening to Madonna. She is an influence in nearly everything I do. For this album, I found myself influenced mostly by Robyn and the Scissor Sisters, with a tinge of 90’s Amber.  I decided to pursue this dream after seeing Madonna close her Confessions Tour in Tokyo. I was in the pool at the Ritz Carlton with one of my best friends Rich and I told him I was ready to take over the world.  I no longer feared anything. There’s actually a picture of me in Tokyo from that trip on the wall of the man in the future in my It’s Our Night video.

BV: You are equally widely known for your acting as you are your music with roles in many film and television projects including the hit series, Sordid Lives as well as various theatre projects. How do you juggle so many projects?

JD: With an immense amount of gratitude. Being grateful for everything makes the “juggle” a piece of cake.

BV: Do you have any other film or television projects planned for the year or is all of your focus on your music?

JD: I’m developing a movie with the director of my video Nicholas Lam.  I just moved to NYC and plan on getting back on TV this year.

BV: The road to success can be very difficult particularly within the entertainment industry. Have there been any big challenges in your own journey so far?

JD: I don’t see obstacles, I see possibilities. I don’t see can’t’s, I just see can’s.  I don’t know how to dream the things I dream I about doing and still have time to see obstacles. You just keep one foot in front of the other because it’s not about always being able to see the path, rather about having faith that it’s there and staying on it.

BV: As an openly gay performer you have a large following in the gay community. Do you feel your LGBT fan-base has helped in your success at all?

JD: The LGBT community is everything to me!!! I love the diversity within our community and I love being a part of it. I’m very proud!  I have a special place in my heart for the transgendered community.  Their bravery leaves me speechless.  One fan of mine, Erica, has opened up to me as she’s gone through this process.  I felt so honored to be a little part of her life. And I am so inspired by her strength.

BV: Will you be taking the upcoming album or the single on tour at all in 2013?

JD: YES! My manager and I are planning an early summer US tour to promote It’s Our Night.  Of course the UK is on the list, too!

BV: Do you have any other projects in the pipeline for 2013?

JD: Just continuing this hostile world takeover!

Thanks for your time Jason and good luck with the single and record.

Jason Dottley’s single It’s Our Night is out now.

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