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Interview: Boys on Film X: The Directors – Jacob Brown

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The tenth instalment of one of cinema’s most celebrated short film series Boys on Film X is set to be an explosive cinematic exploration of LGBT themes and lifestyles.

Leading up the last months anticipated release, we at Renowned For Sound spoke with some of the directors involved in the release to discuss their films.

In today’s interview we chat to Jacob Brown about his short film, Blinders

Florence Hinton-Collyer: How would you pitch your short?

Jacob Brown: Blinders is about a moment in life and the human condition—desire, confusion, jealousy, guilt, regret, acceptance, love.

Boys on Film InsertFHC: What do you hope for the audience to take away from having watched your film?

JB: I think you come away with a feeling. Perhaps it’s a memory of having felt that way before, or perhaps it’s relating to one of the characters. I think it’s fleeting and you leave a bit confused but also touched by the beauty of the images and emotions.

FHC: Why did you choose to depict this particular narrative?

JB: I wanted to tell a story in which sexuality was a bit confusing – but in a contemporary modern way, the way it has been for me and the young people I know. And I wanted to use androgyny to help create that experience for the audience.

FHC: How does Blinders challenge boundaries?

JB: I don’t think I’d use the word challenge. I like the idea of it being incredibly specific. Pin point. An electron microscope looking at a tiny little moment in three people’s lives. And capturing that moment with incredible fidelity.

FHC: How do ideas and questions of beauty impact upon the film?

JB: Well I would say that the character played by Luke Worrall has this incredible face, eyes, blond hair, almost translucent skin. Almost like another species or even alien. You want to stare like you would at a piece of art; you want to peer into his eyes and try to understand what you are seeing.

FHC: What’s next for Jacob Brown?

JB: I’m finishing up postproduction on my debut feature film. It’s called Transferance and stars Thomas Dekker (Kaboom, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Daveigh Chase (Big Love), and Edvin Endre (Vikings). And it’s about a guy who is stuck in a memory of being in love.

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