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Interview: Boys on Film X: The Directors – Antony Hickling

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The tenth installment of one of cinema’s most celebrated short film series Boys on Film X is set to be an explosive cinematic exploration of LGBT themes and lifestyles.

Leading up the last months anticipated release, we at Renowned For Sound spoke with some of the directors involved in the release to discuss their films.

In today’s interview we chat to Antony Hickling, director of Little Gay Boy, Christ Is Dead.

Florence Hinton-Collyer: How would you pitch your short?

Anthony Hickling: Ok, LGBT is the second part of a Trilogy called Little Gay Boy. The first part is called the Annunciation about the mother, the second part, Little Gay Boy chrisT is dead is about the son and the third part Holy Thursday is about the father. Three portraits.

The piece is related to personal experience and my research on Queer theory. Queer theory is based in Literature…re telling of stories…or rather highlighting the Queer part that already exists. In this case the film re tells biblical stories and personal experiences.

Boys on Film InsertFHC: What do you hope for the audience to take away from having watched your film?

AH: I would like the audience to “feel” something. Like painting …We have an immediate emotional reaction.

We like it, we don’t. We can’t always explain why.. Indifference is the artist’s worst enemy.

I hope it provokes feelings, thoughts, emotions and questions.

FHC: Why did you choose to depict this particular narrative?

AH: I wanted to express personal experiences, artistically and intellectually. As well as provoking questions about sexuality. The Triptych does that as an ensemble. I hope.

FHC: How does Little Gay Boy, Christ is Dead challenge boundaries?

AH: I’m exploring sexuality. At least my own, pushing my ideas to their limits. LGBT seems to make people feel uncomfortable, especially if we take it at the first degree…and don’t look beyond the initial shock factor. It raises questions about S&M…does JC go in search of these experiences or is he totally submissive? The religious imagery still seems to provoke even today…the link between S&M and Jesus…to be honest I didn’t set out to challenge boundaries but to tell a story…provoke questions and emotions…

FHC: What is the significance of the acrostic present in the film’s title (LGBT is dead)?

AH: New generation. New beginnings. Out with labels and categories.

This idea that placing gays, lesbians, bi and trans in boxed, placing tags and labels is a form of control. A form of suppression. LGBT is dead in the future for me.

FHC: Would you consider Litter Gay Boy Christ is Dead to be representative of a contemporary form of Romanticism?

When I look at the Triptych as whole yes. Funnily enough my next movie Where Horses go to Die has that very theme as its subject…a pattern is emerging.

FHC: What’s next for Antony Hickling?

Editing my feature A Night in Deep Waters and writing the next one. Little Gay Boy has a cinema release in several countries and DVDs coming out here and there…so it’s all go go go.

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