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Album Review: Herve – Cheap Thrills Volume 2

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Electronic heavyweight producer, artist and remixer Herve unleashed a mammoth collection of mashed up dance tracks when he released the first volume of his Cheap Thrills collections. A year on the dance floor prince is back with a new set of beefed up remixes cut and pasted together and shown off on his new glossy compilation, Cheap Thrills Volume 2.

The two CD set covers everything from from dub step and electro-pop remixes through to meaty underground club killers well worthy of an Ibiza setting.

HerveCheapThrillsWith Cheap Thrills Volume 1 being critically garnished with the title of Europe compilation of the year on iTunes in 2009, this second volume is on its way to becoming a perfectly sliced up follow up.

Fake Blood’s, I Think I Like It, is the biggie here. The track went down a storm on the worldwide club scene and gets a fantastic mash up on this collection. Its rave influenced electronic beats are representative of the driving force behind this collection and displays the talent of Herve as he slices up a smash hit of powerful happy hardcore force.

The man behind the machine gives himself a nod as is only customary with his own slice of rave elation, Blaze It (Rest Remix). The track shows some noticeable similarities to The Prodigy’s early work giving the track a familiarity for fans of the grinding underground dance-floor world.

Cheap Thrills latest signing, Baxta, gets a fair share of the album with the inclusion of two tracks. The electronic monster Neon Lights is a slow-jam of reverberating bass heavy synths, echoed police sirens and captivating Asian flavored beats while the pop laced Mr Sinister sits well among the collection with its sombre tone.

Cheap Thrills Volume 2 is a well received collection of remixed beauties containing the likes of rave scene favorites, Lone, Detboi, Rufio and Speakerjunk who all fight for the title of highlight among fellow heavyweights Voodoo Chilli and new act, Donovan, providing a touch of genre youth to the record.