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Album Review: Funeral For A Friend – See You All In Hell

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Following the release of the bands recent studio record Welcome Home Armegeddon, heavy hardcore rockers Funeral For a Friend unleash on us just a little more of their rebellious fury in the form of a tight nine track EP titled See You All In Hell. But this release is so much more than just your bog standard EP. Within lies a meaty nine brand new or revisited tracks from the collective and  acts as an expansion to its predecessor, Welcome Home Armageddon.

FuneralForAFriendSeeYouAllInHellRunning in the same vein as Welcome Home Armageddon this latest tasty chuck of post hardcore goodness is as rage laden as fans have come to expect from any release by the welsh rockers.

Opening the record is High Castles and with its quick delivered drum roll intro the track effortlessly blends into some of the bands most well crafted guitar finger work before front man Matthew Davies-Kreye’s energetic vocals takes us for a ride through some impressive guitar wielding and a semi-pop tinged chorus.

Will Die offers up one of the EP’s most angst ridden numbers while the following remix of Medicated provided courtesy of LoveGadgetsHateGizmos gives us a track very different to anything else featured on the record. Think McFly meets Pendulum and you almost have the sweet collision heard here of dreamy synth coated melodies and fluffy goings on that make up this track complete with some of the bands united crooning.

The inclusion of a few live tracks makes the EP well worth the pennies as the tracks showcase the bands talents outside of the studio and in the live terrain with Live At XFM versions of Sixteen, Man Alive, Front Row Seats To The End Of The World and one of Welcome Home Armageddon’s notable single releases, Broken Foundations.

One of the EP’s highlights lies further down the track listing with an acoustic offering of Old Hyms followed by a further acoustic performance of Welcome Home Armageddon.

A neat little EP with some impressive versions of the bands repertoire See You All In Hell is wrapped up nice and tight for fans and post hardcore followers alike. A nice package to go hand in hand with the bands epic release Welcome Home Armageddon.