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Film Review – Top Five

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If Chris Rock is making a statement with this film, then he has definitely succeeded.

Written and directed by Rock, Top Five tells the story of former comedian/actor Andre Allen (Chris Rock), who upon meeting clever reporter Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson), is challenged to assess his past and his present relationships and career.

Well-known for his comedic roles in The Longest Yard, Madagascar, The Chris Rock Show, Rock has breached the standard line for comedic actors. Rock proves that genre is not a barrier for an actor’s full potential, showcasing his ability to traverse both comedy and drama as Andre Allen.Rock demonstrates that he can traverse both the comedic and dramatic genre in his portrayal of Andre. As a comedian, Rock is his usual self that he’s renowned for – over-the-top, hilarious and entertaining – however, he also proves that capability as a dramatic actor.

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Rock commands the film with his well-rounded performance as a former actor/comedian Andre, convincingly portraying the struggle of the next step in his life as well as his relationships. Likewise, Dawson is savvy as Chelsea, commanding her role as a woman who also deals with difficulties, as well as being an ideal match for Rock’s Andre.

Writer-director Rock is able to balance the comedic and dramatic tones in the film with an excellently executed script. Filled with a mixture of both wit and turmoil, Rock demonstrates his ability to be taken as a serious director. In Top Five, his goal is to present the world with films that focus on race, and with this film, Rock did just that.

Top Five is humorous with a smooth blend of dramatic intensity that makes for a successful film. As a director, Rock shows excellent direction visually, as well as with the rest of the cast. A film with an outstanding cast and entertaining cameos here and there; Rock creates a wonderful film that is both funny and serious. Top Five exceeded expectations and can rightfully be called Rock’s best film to date.

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